Wadi Rum Night Luxury Camp

Wadi Rum Night Luxury Camp

Wadi Rum Night Luxury Camp

Amra Palace 12 Comments Saturday, March 16, 2019

Wadi Rum Night Luxury Camp is set in the remote Jordanian desert, where guests can sleep under the stars of the Wadi Rum as the Bedouin people have done for generations. Their unique ‘ Full of Stars’ bubble tents reinvent the desert camping experience.

The 32 tents of the Wadi Rum Night Luxury Camp are located inside the Wadi Rum protected area of the remote and rugged Jordanian Desert. Each of the luxurious tents is equipped with comfortable beds, air conditioning and sumptuous linens, with views of the Wadi Rum mountains and the rolling dunes beyond. The jewel in the crown of the camp are their ‘Full of Stars’ bubble tents, a collection of stark white structures perched amongst the sand of Wadi Rum, with transparent walls and ceilings offering uninterrupted views of the night sky and the breaking dawn. These unique dwellings house an en-suite bathroom and a king size bed, with the option to draw up the shades should the powerful desert sun become too much. Elsewhere in the camp you’ll discover the communal dining tent, decorated in the traditional Arabic style, where you will enjoy delicious, hearty Jordanian cuisine amongst the unique desert surroundings. The camp’s private chef prepares fresh cuisine and hand-baked breads to satisfy even the heartiest appetite. After waking to the magical desert sunrise, the days are yours to explore the desert as you wish. Perhaps you’ll decide to ride a camel across the sand dunes, travelling as the Bedouin people have done for centuries, or opt for a more high-octane mode of transport and tour the desert in a 4x4. Sand boarding and Jeep adventures area also on offer, along with visits to traditional nomadic tribespeople that make their home amongst the sands of Wadi Rum

Full of Stars Tent .... 

The tents here look like nothing on earth, rather as if they've just beamed down from Mars to the base of a Wadi Rum cliff face. Surreal silvery white inflated globes have their own airlocks to gain access; inside bed and bean bags plus an en suite add to the rather dislocating sensation.
Shade covers come off the see-through roof at night to let you enjoy the stars, though the plastic membrane and air-con shield you from enjoying the desert breeze. Instead, relax on your decking or in the more traditionally styled dining tent. The camp also has regular tents, covered in Bedouin goat wool but still containing air-con, a large bed and bathroom.


Stay at Full of Stars Hotel in the Heart of a Wadi Rum Desert
This room offers you the opportunity to sleep under starlit sky in beautifully decorated bubble rooms with endless views of the stunning Wadi Rum desert landscape. The bubble rooms are just one extension of the Wadi Rum Night Luxury camp.

Bubble Tent


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